The technologies used by this site.

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Written by ROHE ‐ 1 min read

Posted May 21, 2022 / Updated May 21, 2022

🔷Doks (Hugo theme)

The Hugo theme used on this site is Doks . I customize and use it.

It has a wealth of features as standard. I think it’s one of the best themes.

I will introduce Doks in more detail in the following article.


🔷NES.css (CSS flamework)

We use NES.css to design serif-like text on the card page.

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* The serif-like text on the card page is only on the Japanese page.

🔷DotGothic16(Web font)

The font in dark mode is DotGothic16.

It makes you feel the nostalgia of retro games.

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🔷Kiwi Maru(Web font)

The font in light mode is Kiwi Maru.

It combines the cuteness of the round design with the sophisticated elegance.

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